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Dj Nick Muir strikes twice

Dearest Nick, I could easily have sent you the Youtube-link to the interview we did @ The Hartstocht Festival 2023 , a serious & interesting conversation for a change.

The image has been edited by master Photoshop Bob van der Linden

But I'm sharing it here with you, my friend, if you don't mind. So that everyone can enjoy it.

But don't leave, because I have more to share with you (and with the reader). Namely that the set you did last Super Tuesday and that was uploaded today on Mixcloud under the title of EP. 75 is absolutely fabulous and totally bonkers. In short: I love EP.75. Did I ever tell you that you're a great Dj? Yes? Then I lied. You are a terrific Dj!




Mick Boskamp

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