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Incredibly crazy photos

These three images of John Digweed & Sasha, taken around 2001 at Schiphol Airport, must be the craziest motherfuckers of all photos ever taken.

Photos by Michel Mees

This artricle is in English, because that these photos came up is world news!

In this photo from around 2001, we see John Digweed, who look like he sees his mother at the end of the treadmill, accompanied by Sasha. Sasha - obviously morphed into a Dutch nightlife reporter - is carrying John’s hand luggage. Why? Nobody knows. Things get weirder when we look at John's shadow which looks like a vintage guitar case he is carrying on his back. One almost hear him say: ' Mom, I'm home!' '

Suddenly Mother Digweed is gone. Went to the bathroom and never came back. John is searching for her panically when he bumps into Sasha, who is still morphed into a Dutch writer.

Sasha wants to return into his body, still occupied by a Dutch writer, and starts to get impatient, that manifests itself in walking faster. On the other hand John is walking backwards, almost zombie like. Couldn't deal with the fact that his mother was dissolved. Now that you know the backstory of the three images, you must agree with me that these are the craziest motherfucker photos ever!




Mick Boskamp

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